2007 Weblog Awards Best Asian Blog Runner Up

Vote For Me: 2007 Weblog Awards Best Asian BlogThere we have it. Voting is closed and the results are out. Footsteps in the Mirror is runner up for the Best Asian Blog 2007 which is a surprising thing considering my fan base to begin with. Thank you all for the votes that got me that far and thank you those of you who’ve publicised the event on my behalf especially Pelf, Sashi and LiewCF. If you came in from the polls themselves, I do hope you stay and enjoy what’s been written because this is who I am. Congratulations to Marina’s Bloggarific for winning the Best Asian Blog. We’ll see you all again next year. Best of luck to that.

6 thoughts on “2007 Weblog Awards Best Asian Blog Runner Up

  1. congrats. =) i’m sure you’ll win next year.

    sorry for viewing your website weeks after u viewed mine. i was kinda occupied. =D but! i’ll visit it more often. hahaha

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