Here’s the lowdown. The new house doesn’t have a phone line and won’t have a phone line until the 26th of March. I’ll do what I can to make do with things before then, but in the unlikely event that it’s not possible. Say hello to some sporadic feel good net time.

3 thoughts on “Disconnected

  1. I feel for you. Last time I was without internet for 4 days, it wasn’t pretty. Hope all goes it well :).

  2. well, i can understand how u feel. i had to endure 4 weeks of snail pace internet back in malaysia and i gave up going on the net after a while. i’ll talk to u soon, i’m going for camp over the easter weekend so i can’t talk on the phone cause we’re heading up north to a rural place.

    i just got a car today! i can’t wait to tell u abt it 🙂 talk to u soon!

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