Happy Easter Everyone

For the next 4 days I’ll be off camping somewhere. Fishing, booze, campfire, booze, hiking, booze. Basically it’s an Easter thing as far as I understand it. But it does ask an important question though. What’s a city boy to do?

4 thoughts on “Happy Easter Everyone

  1. Hi Kamigoroshi. I saw your blog in PPS and I would like to share with u this….GOD gave u a dozen roses & u ask why they are no thorns, HE would just smile, show his bleeding hands & say, “I took them away so u won’t get hurt”. Have a blessed Happy Easter to you my friend.


    P/s: Nice blog you have here.

  2. Have fun camping Ed! I wish I had gotten a chance to see you before we both left but oh well.. better luck next time! ^_^

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