5 thoughts on “It’s Over

  1. I am so incredibly jealous right now, I’ve got a good mind to sabotage you. If only I knew where you were planning to get your girls & alco from 😛

    Btw, YP (of yeepei.com, YP’s rantings) asked me if I knew you. Do you know her? There’s this interesting discussion that arose since you left that comment in my blog. Right conversation-starter, you are. (Btw, dunno if I’ve thanked you yet, but anyhoo, thank you for swinging by.)

  2. I live on the other side of the world, hard pressed to come all the way here and ruin a perfectly good post-exam mood. 🙂

    Yes I do know her in real life in fact and I have visited your blog a couple of times. Probably the first time I actually commented, at least I think it is.

  3. Well done. My only advice is: Do not get too drunk and do not try to play pool while totally drunk. Oh! and have one for me.

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