Nominate And Maybe Win Something

If you already don’t know, I’m asking for any cast recommendations to play me if my blog were ever a movie. That of course would mean that sooner of later it’ll be voted upon. The winning nomination does get their blog spotlighted on my blog and I’ll even throw in a nice review. So what are you waiting for? Suggest your nomination today. Nominations close on the 12th of September.

4 thoughts on “Nominate And Maybe Win Something

  1. Since I made the animation recommendation, I’m sticking with it. WHo does your voice? hahhahaha I’ll prefer somebody Asian with good English of course…… **drumroll** VJ Utt!!

    Sigh, he’s cool… like you. lol

  2. I really wish I could (I could do with a review!) but I just haven’t been reading long enough to get it right. Based on just the pitch, it needs to be someone a little bit noir…

  3. chibster: Haris Isaac? Er, I’ve only seen him once in a Malay movie shown on the Langkawi ferry. 😛 His English good?? But… but… Utt is hawt. lol

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