So Close Yet So Far

While all the main things I needed to do have long been finished, the multiple drafts and countless edits have been a killer on my health, brain and my morale. Writing a thesis isn’t just doing a long report. It’s an endurance race. So a word of advice. Don’t do it if you’ve got a weak heart and a weak mind. It just isn’t for you.

2 thoughts on “So Close Yet So Far

  1. I used to encourage juniors to do a Master’s, but these days, I’d ask them to seriously reconsider their intention. It isn’t just the thesis-writing part, it’s the whole falling-down-repeatedly-and-getting-up process. And then there’s the constant hard work, confusion and can-I-give-up-now part.

    Let’s just say that not everybody is willing to do that.

  2. Pelf: That’s why there are fewer people in academics compared to those in everyday jobs. You really need to have the love for it to go that far. Though the rewards can be very rewarding to endure the lot.

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