WordPress 2.3 Upgrading Complete

If you read this, it’ll probably be because I’m now running WordPress 2.3. The upgrade was as smooth as I expected it to be since I fixed all the problems last night and everything was tied down to the number of plugins I have (50+). So for now, feel free to go wild on my blog. I know there might be some broken things and if possible, don’t hesitate to tell me if you find them.

10 thoughts on “WordPress 2.3 Upgrading Complete

  1. I echo Liew’s surprised gasp as well…

    What the heck do you use those 50 plugins for anyway? This is an honest question, I really would like to know.

  2. Liew: All the plugins that were incompatible in the first place are already added (such as UTW and ELA), the rest though have been updated over the past week which was also why I waited so long to update.

    Azmeen: Most of it are housekeeping plugins that run in the Admin. The rest are just part and parcel of the blog, like what you see here in the sidebar as well as the asides.

  3. Congratulations, I thought I wasn’t going to see Edrei’s blog any more, since, yesterday, I thought I saw plenty of errors around. But at least, I think most of it has been solved.

  4. Oh, maybe not, since after I pressed “Submit” here, I get a mysql database error. The comment still went through, though.

  5. Pelf: Well…it’s no rush for now.

    Darkwolf: Yeah, I’ve been trying to pinpoint where that error comes from. No luck yet.

  6. Troublesome, but it does fix some problems I’ve been having in the previous versions. Though I do have to fix my plugin though.

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