Changing The World In 30 Seconds (Redux)

A year ago Lorelle gave us a list of 30 things that that takes 30 seconds to change the world. Now she’s given us the same challenge with a bit more definition. Given the state in which this blog can be read over that time, I’m going to bring back my old list I made as a response to the last time she held that challenge with a few changes here and there. With that, I give you my updated list of 30 things that take 30 seconds to change the world, yours, mine and everyone else’s.

Edrei’s Updated Things That Take 30 Seconds To Change The World:

  1. Add “have a nice day” at the end of every farewell to people you just met.
  2. Stop and listen to street musicians (still one of my favourite things to do from the first list)
  3. Sing along with the street musicians
  4. Donate your spare change to charity
  5. Bring your mom, dad or significant other a cup of their favourite drink.
  6. Pick up trash that you see lying around and dispose of it appropriately
  7. Try and cheer up a crying child.
  8. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a long time.
  9. Call your ex and ask how they are doing.
  10. Let someone else pass before you.
  11. Tell someone you like how much they mean to you.
  12. Forgive yourself.
  13. Forgive others.
  14. Buy a drink for a random stranger.
  15. Tell someone of a different belief you want to want to try and understand what you don’t know.
  16. Listen to what people have to say even if you don’t agree with them.
  17. Close your eyes and take a deep breath.
  18. Dance. Anywhere and anytime.
  19. Put on a condom (you can never go wrong there, even if it is from the first list)
  20. Shut up before you say something you’ll regret.
  21. Take a picture.
  22. Offer someone the last piece of donut (or whatever was the last juicy delicious bit left).
  23. Let someone else be in charge for once in their life.
  24. Be in charge for once in your life.
  25. Offer to help.
  26. Help those that need help.
  27. Say “why not?” instead of “why?”
  28. Order something different on your regular menu.
  29. Switch off something you’re not using at the moment.
  30. Vote for what you believe in.

Now that’s my personal way of changing the world in 30 seconds. It may not always be obvious, but the world doesn’t necessarily mean the physical globe as you know it. Changing it certainly doesn’t have to include “World Peace” all the time. Changing it doesn’t even have to take years to achieve. After all, like someone once said, most of the time, it’s never the big things that change the world, it’s always small things done with great love that rewrites everything. I think it’s about time we start those things. Where do you think you’ll start with yours?

8 thoughts on “Changing The World In 30 Seconds (Redux)

  1. Argh, I tried to comment on this yesterday, it took > 5 min for it to load then got zippo!

    Here’s one more to your good list:
    Lightly toot your horn at the girl crossing the road in the morning carrying her coffee and day dreaming, just to warn her you’re in a milk van about to pass behind her, then wave with a smile. It changed my world!

  2. I checked the problem out ChickyBabe, you shouldn’t have much problems already.

    Well, I’ll be sure to do the same thing if I ever drive a milk van passing you by as you’re day dreaming with coffee. You can count on that. 🙂

  3. Very nice. I’d like to make my own list and post it in my blog if you don’t mind. Making lists like this changes the world too but I don’t think it qualifies for the list since it would definitely take me more than 30 seconds. ^_^

  4. Hannah, you’re more than welcomed to try. At least, let it be said that it is something that you always do as well. 🙂

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