The Story That Is The Footsteps In The Mirror

Everybody has a story so says Lorelle. Our characters wrapped up around the events that bear our tales. We don’t just create the story, the story creates us and that’s what her latest challenge is all about. What are the chronicles behind the words? What is the history behind the blog? Since I’m feeling generous at the moment, let me share with you the story of this blog. The journey that it the Footsteps in the Mirror. I hope you’ll enjoy this story as I will enjoy telling it.

The tale starts with a young boy. He was young and curious. His mind would wander in place of his body because he was often trapped in his own home, unable to explore the worlds beyond the doors for long periods of time. This young boy made up for his curiosity with the knowledge of the world at this fingertips, in the books and TV that he spend his childhood growing up on, eventually understanding things far beyond children of his years.

Yet with all the knowledge he had gained, the young boy was lonely. His isolation from the world and the uniqueness of his own birthright and gained knowledge forced him apart from his peers. Eventually, the young lad became depressed and melancholic, unable to handle the outside world that didn’t accept him as one of their own. It was then that the boy discovered something new. Something called the internet.

The internet quickly became the young boy’s only solace from the world. Even better was the vast resources of information that he craved. His depression was quickly overshadowed by his thirst for knowledge and for a while he was satisfied. But the call of the net is far too great for the young lonely soul to resist. Unable to connect to people beyond the walls of his own home, he quickly realized that he could talk and relate to other people in other places far beyond that which he could travel.

The internet held no borders for the boy, as the years passed by, so did his ability to connect with people. No one questioned his age and few questioned his inexhaustible knowledge for things they didn’t know. As time went by, so his wisdom and reputation for using it grew. By the time the boy was out from high school, he had developed a reputation for solving personal problems that his peers couldn’t handle. He wrote in posts in forums, articles in community magazines and even at one point, articles for his local newspaper.

Yet, in all that he was as a troubleshooter for life and love, for all that he was called on for by others, the young boy was discovering that he was still as lonely as before. While his posts and articles became benchmarks for solving the problems they were written for, while he became the big brother, the shoulder to cry on by people, they we’re only a smokescreen, masking his own resentment and hiding his face even from a world that thrives on false anonymity.

It just so happened that one day, while doing what he always did, he met a girl that became his friend. She saw that for all that he was worth, the young boy certainly had a lot to say. So she said the very thing that changed the way he would use the net.

“Why don’t you start a blog?”

At first, it didn’t click. Blogs back then we’re just online diaries, something he could never do because of the walls he kept around himself. Nevertheless, along with her persistent nudges. He started to blog.

More than 4 years later, that young boy is all but grown up. He still finds himself sporadically isolated and lonely from even the very medium that he founded his social life, but this time his blog has become the refuge for his thoughts. No longer are his emotions walled up, but put out and displayed for all to see. His journey in life becoming an introverted search for his own self and purpose. Many things have happened to this young boy, now a young man and his blog is no longer unfamiliar to the personal details that make his thoughts.

For as long as there is a need to be free, his blog will stay. For as long as there is a reason to express those thoughts, his blog will stay. For as long as there is a wanting of loneliness and solitude, his blog will stay. The young man’s blog has become a mirror image of himself, his reflection forever immortalised in the words he puts down.

Despite it all, one day, the young man hope that there won’t be a need to look into the written mirror to find himself. One day, the young man hopes that whatever that has meant so much to him would also mean a lot to someone else as well. One day the young man hopes that the story that is his footsteps in the mirror will be remembered by future generations to come and not be forgotten and condemned to oblivion.

One day this story will be complete, but that day is yet very far, far away.

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  1. It’s a bittersweet and lovely story. I don’t have more to say at the moment. Sometimes there just isn’t any words.

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