What Have I Learnt Last Year

Before it’s not too late, I’d like to take on Lorelle’s Blogging Challenge and put down the list of things I have learnt over 2006. The only problem is that when you learn so much over such a short period of time, you tend to forget that you actually learnt them, either forgetting it completely or committing them to instinctive knowledge which you probably still forget when you need the most and remember when you least want to. Then again, that’s your memory for you. So without further ado, here are the 50 things that I have picked up over the past year.

  1. How to ask “why not?” instead of “why?”.
  2. How to use PayPal.
  3. How to use eBay.
  4. How to appreciate silence.
  5. How hard it is to earn money.
  6. How to pay the bills.
  7. How to say goodbye.
  8. How to advertise for a new housemate.
  9. How to write my own lease.
  10. How to move on.
  11. How to take chances I never took before.
  12. How to appreciate and laugh at the simple things.
  13. How to wake up early.
  14. How to be even more ruthless.
  15. How to care for someone more than just myself.
  16. How to perve because it’s healthy.
  17. How to cook foods I haven’t tasted before.
  18. How to love foods I always hated.
  19. How to fear what I cannot run away from.
  20. How to take things lightly.
  21. How to laugh at people who can’t (take things lightly).
  22. How to take photos artistically.
  23. How to make tissue slides out of dissected organs.
  24. How to stain tissue slides of dissected organs.
  25. How to distinguish between malignant and benign tumours.
  26. How to recognize certain kinds of cancer under the microscope.
  27. How to perform a fine needle aspiration.
  28. How to shrug it off.
  29. How to be less insecure with what I don’t have.
  30. How to give myself a reason to be happy.
  31. How to enjoy my own hard earned money.
  32. How to solve a Sudoku Cube.
  33. How to ask for help.
  34. How to try harder without hurting myself.
  35. How to do small things for others for no reason.
  36. How to smile.
  37. How to lie with your eyes.
  38. How to stop whining.
  39. How to appreciate compliments.
  40. How to worry less.
  41. How to stop when you can’t go any more.
  42. How to snorkel.
  43. How to teach a young dog old tricks.
  44. How far I can go before actually getting drunk.
  45. How to serve more than 2 dishes with my hands.
  46. How to take charge of things I haven’t done before.
  47. How to ask a question.
  48. How to shut up and listen.
  49. How to live life by the day.
  50. How broken hearts still can heal.

Now I’m sure I’ve learnt way more than that over 365 days, but there is so much you can try and recall over the space of 15 minutes. Still, it does bring back fond memories which I think is just as important as the eventual lessons we end up learning along the way. After all, when it matters, it isn’t the destination that makes you who you are, it is the journey that get you there that makes the difference.

I wonder where the journey will take us this year?

9 thoughts on “What Have I Learnt Last Year

  1. Damnit, I knew I forgot to add something important in there. It just feels like I’ve known you for years. I seem to forget it’s less than a year that I’ve known you.

  2. Oh, I like ask “why not” and “stop whining”. Good ones. Very good ones. It shows you’ve learned a lot this year. Let’s see if you can double it by next year, my friend. 😉

    The wonders of learning never cease to amaze me.

  3. Haha, then again Lorelle, it when you least expect to learn that you learn the most. We’ll see where it goes this year.

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