What Have You Learnt In 2007?

Almost a year ago, I took up one of Lorelle’s blogging challenge to write myself the 50 things that I’ve learnt over the past year. This year, it would be no exception. I think it’s a brilliant idea to always look back from time to time and see how far you’ve gone. After all, despite that it’s just 365 days around the sun, there has got to be at least more than a handful of things you now know that you didn’t before. Unless you’re that ignorant about the world around you, but I’d like to believe not.

So here we are, the 50 things I haven’t completely forgotten over the year that is 2007.

  1. To close my own heart to protect myself and the people around me.
  2. How even good things must come to an end.
  3. How to build my own blog theme from scratch.
  4. How you have to do everything yourself despite asking for help.
  5. How I’ve almost forgotten how to deal with normal woman.
  6. How not to say goodbye.
  7. How to cook the perfect roast turkey.
  8. How to carve the perfect roast turkey.
  9. How odd a relationship I’m in.
  10. How a person’s smile is still worth working for.
  11. How a pathology lab works.
  12. How TV can still be worth watching.
  13. To sleep more than 8 hours a day.
  14. How to go caving and not be frozen and afraid.
  15. How bad my motion sickness can be.
  16. How good I can be being in the middle of the wilderness and roughing it.
  17. That too much of a good thing can leave a bitter taste in your mouth.
  18. How the platypus is smaller than I thought it was.
  19. How TV isn’t always as accurate as we think it is.
  20. How I was always raised in the wrong country.
  21. That there is no greater feeling than one where you’re held close by someone you care for.
  22. To be a little more selfish.
  23. To be a whole lot more generous than I am selfish.
  24. How to appreciate blood a little more than usual.
  25. Not to take lab safety protocols for granted.
  26. That friendship goes as far as you’re needed.
  27. That people tend to care more about themselves than the bigger picture.
  28. That heroes are often ordinary people doing ordinary things in extraordinary circumstances.
  29. That space is always a premium when you’re living with someone.
  30. That a relationship isn’t about “you” or “me” anymore but about “us”.
  31. That I still know how to ride a bike.
  32. I’m no longer pretending to be an adult but actually am one.
  33. That you can never really forget a past that makes you who you are.
  34. That I haven’t lost who I am yet.
  35. That I will probably have to throw away part of who I am in the future.
  36. How to be more of a man.
  37. That I can make someone more of a woman.
  38. That blu-tack is a poor man’s duct tape.
  39. That penguins were once 5 feet tall with 7 inch beaks and could have ruled the world.
  40. How if your name isn’t on it, it’s fair game to anyone.
  41. How easy it is to lose the people you like or care for.
  42. How hard it is to find someone you can like and care for.
  43. How it isn’t classic music when you still think a part of you still lives in those decades.
  44. How to dance and not look like an idiot on drugs.
  45. How I have a knack of winning over women that most guys can’t get.
  46. That I still having kicked some really dark habits.
  47. How love doesn’t have to be normal the way people know it.
  48. That people don’t always do the right thing because it’s right, but because everyone else is doing it.
  49. That I’m truly loved.
  50. That I truly love.

That being said, I’m not much for resolutions any more even though I used to set them and complete them at all cost. While setting goals for yourself does bring with it a pace that some people need, I know where I’m going and I don’t always need those constant reminders. What I’ve always needed is appreciating those small things you pick up as time goes by. Small things that you can look back on and reminisce while writing long lists like this.

Sometimes it’s not that hard to achieve your goals especially when you’re ambitious. It’s missing out on the rest of life that makes it difficult. I know I’m on the right path. It’s hard to miss that point.

2 thoughts on “What Have You Learnt In 2007?

  1. Bravo on a good year, and here’s to an even better one 🙂

    PS: Sometimes I feel as though I’m raised in the wrong country too 🙁

  2. To new things learnt for a new year. 🙂

    You won’t know for sure whether you’re in the right place until you step foot down and feel completely at home.

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