What Have You Learnt In 2008?

Continuing the tradition I started 2 years ago when I took up one of Lorelle’s old Blogging Challenges on writing 50 things I’ve learnt within the past year, this year is no exception. Like I said in the previous post, it’s hard to quantify, let alone qualify all that we’ve picked up over the year because there is just so much more to life, we end up forgetting more than we actually realise.

That’s why I continue to write this milestone post every new year, not to list down the things we want or hope to do for the upcoming year, but to list down something far more important, the sense of actual accomplishment and how much we have grown throughout the past year. So here it is, the 50 things I’ve learnt throughout the year that was 2008.

  1. That relationships can easily survive distance and time.
  2. How good work will always be noticed regardless of the outcome.
  3. How it pays to know the right people at the right time for the right reasons.
  4. How there is no shame in asking for a big favour.
  5. How to write a research proposal.
  6. Why she trusts me so much in the relationship.
  7. That I can live in an adult world of paychecks and bills.
  8. That I made the right choice 3 years ago.
  9. That good friends like the best lovers, are the people we never saw coming.
  10. How to write a literature review.
  11. Why I trust her so much in the relationship.
  12. How research journal papers can be just as good a bedtime story as your bestselling novel.
  13. How it feels like to have a kid brother to watch out for all the time.
  14. How to be financially responsible for your own life.
  15. How you can be dangerously frugal and still have all the essential things you need.
  16. How there is no shame in falling in love with your best friend.
  17. How you should always quadruple check your requests when you’re responsible for ordering very expensive things with someone else’s money.
  18. That it is always alright to make big mistakes so that you know never to make it again.
  19. That there is a step above being punctual and that’s called being early.
  20. That nothing really prepares a fresh graduate for a post graduate research project.
  21. How you can always truly love more than one person for different reasons.
  22. That you can’t really trust people to do your job.
  23. That you can really trust people to help you with your job.
  24. That getting what you wished for starts with realising that you got what you wished.
  25. That it is possible to not verbally talk to anyone for a month because there is no one there and you’re actually too busy to socialise.
  26. That I have friend who does more than says everything is going to be fine.
  27. That there is no shame in having a friend love you back.
  28. How persistence doesn’t have take years to pay off.
  29. How solving a problem isn’t always the best thing to do.
  30. Why I have a much more fulfilling life than a lot of the people I went to high school with.
  31. That I don’t need people to cheer me on to succeed, I just have to hang on to my reasons for doing it to reach that end of the line.
  32. That I will forever be attracted to practical, strong willed, independent women.
  33. That you should always take time to learn and use a bibliographical referencing program when your references are usually 8 pages long.
  34. How to draw a comic.
  35. That I do have humour people can appreciate.
  36. The good things about my childhood I’ve forgotten years ago.
  37. To be more patient with my family.
  38. How far I’m willing to go to do stupid crazy things for the person I love.
  39. How to write a thesis.
  40. Why everyone was right in saying you should start writing a thesis 2 months before you hand it up.
  41. Why you shouldn’t always trust your automated spell checker.
  42. That writing a thesis became easier once I realised it was a lot like blogging.
  43. That I am capable of pursuing the rest of my life as someone in the academic field.
  44. That I have blog stalkers in both good and bad forms.
  45. That some things from the past never changes.
  46. That some of the most amazing things in your life start from the little things we do and not the big things we decide to do.
  47. That there is now nothing left for me to carry from the past.
  48. That succeeding is another way of saying “What’s next on the list?”
  49. That I can begin to believe that there is a better future for me out there.
  50. That you don’t have to wait until you’re old to realise that life for you starts, here and now, by your own hand.

The thing is, I could go on to another 50 more things that I have learnt throughout the course of 2008 because for me, that was the year I accomplished and succeeded in so much more than I thought I could. Then again, that is the point. Where resolutions of things we want to do have failed, it is in the moment of our actions in which we write into history, what we’re truly capable of.

Where in the years past, I could only believe that I was walking down the right path, it was to be the final lesson of 2008 that showed me that whatever choices I made to be me, whatever hardship I endured to get here, does make it all worthwhile. Because at the end of the day, it is in what we learn about ourselves and about the world that defines our reasons for being here. And we need to know that, if not to survive what comes ahead, then to live out what it is we make.

So trust me, do this. Take your time to write down the 50 things you’ve learnt throughout the year. You just might learn more about yourself that you never knew you did…and that is never a bad thing at all.

6 thoughts on “What Have You Learnt In 2008?

  1. Good for you. At least you learned alot in year 2008. I can’t really think of anything I’ve learn in 2008 🙁

  2. Hyperhex: You would think that until you actually sat down and had a good think about it. The only way you didn’t learn anything throughout the year is if you were living under a rock for all that time and I don’t think you have. So try it out at least. It’s well worth the effort.

    Lisa: Thank you. Though there is nothing I can teach that you can already learn by just stepping out there and experiencing life for yourself. It’s a better teacher than any other person. 🙂

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