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Right, so as some of you know, some of the 9rules members, myself included hold a blog club every fortnight to highlight part of the 9rules community. The first community we did was on Anime. This fortnight’s blog club highlight is on the 9rules Apple Community.

Now, for those of you who know me, you pretty much know what I have to say about Apple, but for those of you who still don’t know, I have to confess right here and now that I have little love for the company that named itself after a fruit. So if my writing reflects that sort of biasness…well…isn’t that the way all blog posts with an opinion goes? But I promise, I’ll try to be nice.

Let me clarify some things about Apple and more specifically the Mac. I have used it on more than one occassion, so whatever I think about it doesn’t come entirely from a clueless armchair critic perspective. I think that as an operating system and an artwork, it’s pretty, it’s nice and it’s a design change from the boxy personal computers that I grew up building. Yet to me, that’s all that Mac’s are worth. It’s pretty and that’s all she wrote.

If there is anything I dislike most about Macs are when people rant and rave about how secure and stable Macs operating systems are. It’s overrated, mostly by their users. I’ve used them from 8 to OSX Jaguar and I do know for a fact they do hang and crash. I do know they they can be buggy as Windows in some cases and I do also know when there is another operating system out there that controls the majority of the computing world which isn’t the Apple OS, every yahoo with more than just a mischievous intention will do whatever it takes to mess with it. The Apple OS isn’t secure, it’s just not worth the time to start messing around with. It is still understated.

And maybe that is the cool factor that’s worth mentioning from an Apple hater as myself. Apple Macs are understated. Their iPod’s might be everywhere until they have become akin to the Sony Walkmans of the 1980’s, so much so that most people tend to overlook their flawed power source and money making accessories just to be with the “in-crowd”. But while there are a growing number of Apple Mac users out there, it is still understated. Like the Porsche 911 supercar, it, for the time being maintains its icy coolness for being the one apart from the crowd, the one that everyone wants because not many of us can afford.

Nevermind that it’s expensive and inflexible for the daily use of common people, nevermind the other chunky boxes that house the latest interchangable parts you can buy from any computer store. What you want something with a name with heritage and class. A name where it’s synonymous with style and an ingenuity apart. As much as I would hate to admit it, Apple as a whole has that name. What in-crowd wouldn’t like that?

Of course, I was never part of the “in-crowd” simply because it was cool. I never bought something because it looked sexy and I could drool over it. I always got myself exactly what I needed and would be willing to use. I’m not exactly made of money and getting myself a Porsche 911 would be a tad bit overpriced when I can only afford myself a Hyundai Getz. So I’ll always be sticking to something I’m familiar with pushing to the limits that I will always use which just doesn’t involve anything with Apple.

But maybe I’m just outgrowing my hatred of something I never liked to use, but Macs have come a long way from what they used to be. The new generation Macs now come with Intel processors and the fact that they have Boot Camp that allows me to still use Windows operating systems does make me feel at home after trying it out. So who knows? I might actually give in one day and buy myself one. And who knows? Hell might also freeze over, pigs will fly and there would be the second coming of Jesus. The world is a mysterious place. You might have an Apple hater actually talking some good of the thing he hates the most.

Now that’s just as surprising.

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