48 – 12 Down 36 To Go…

Song of the 13th Hour: Verve Pipe – Freshmen

I just realised one thing, it’s been slightly more than 12 horus since I started this very thing and from the looks of it, things seem to be going on fine dispite the hiccups here and there. I mean…I have survived the first 12 hours and it’s now daylight. The only danger comes when night comes cause that is probably when I feel most sleepy.

I wish I had stronger stimulants with me.

I mean…of all the drugs I wish I had with me to take, there is only one I actually would stick to. It’s commonly known as crystal meth or meth and has a younger more popular offspring that goes by the name of X. It’s the only psychomotor stimulant I would be crazy enough to take.

It’s name is amphetamines.

Yeah…dose up on that baby rest assured I won’t have to sleep for hours even days without feeling the slightest bit tired. I could go for hours on end trying to get things done and trying to forget the nightmares I have when I sleep.

That’s why I don’t sleep you know.

The nightmares.

I think many of you already know this before.

The ironic thing is that talking about meth and my small obsession for it. Sixthseal who is also having his birthday today just happens to talk about his addiction to meth and his resolve to try and quit it.

One trying to step out of hell and one trying to step back into it.

In this reality I see. I don’t know which is which.

Go figure.

One thought on “48 – 12 Down 36 To Go…

  1. I don’t know much about drugs.

    But then again caffeine is a drug, no? I’m addicted to coffee. Help. I need a cold turkey. I’m hungry. 

    Posted by JxT2J

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