48 – A Message From An Empty Room…

Message From Beyond...?

Song of the 27th Hour:
Lifehouse – Spin

Walking around the house again for inspiration…and I happen to just notice that post-it note on my housemate’s door. I wonder why I never noticed that before. Maybe because I’m only starting to notice things that I haven’t previously noticed before. After all…when you’re delirious and sort of high on legally addictive stimulants (in this case caffiene), you tend to see things that often eluded you when you’re more or less sober.

It’s either that or the other way round.

I forget really.

Anyway. I find it really amusing at the fact that its there in the first place. I mean who the hell are you going to tell anyway. The house is practically empty. Unless he was expecting strange visitations in the middle of the night by small creatures with large black eyes or something of that sort, there is really no reason why that should be up there in the first place.

Still, it gives the sense of lived in feeling somehow. I don’t know. Maybe this going through the day without talking to people in person is driving me nuts. All I have is my phone and I don’t think people would like to entertain me at 0230 in the morning with me going about how this loneliness is eating me inside.

In fact for some reason…my chest feels really uneasy right about now. That tight feeling like my insides are being squeezed with a vise. Maybe it’s me feeling the brunt of all the stress I’ve been holding back lately. Maybe it’s all this caffiene I’ve been piling up inside for the past 27 hours.

Whatever it is…it’s getting really hard to breath.

Let’s just hope it’s just the caffiene.

It’ll be far worse if it was strange visitors won’t it not?

Now that would be scary.

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