48 – Camera Fully Recharged…

My Lifeline

Song of the 14th Hour:
Sarah Maclachlan – Angel

Recently my phone has become a sole source of bare comfort for me. It helps that the phone service Optus has this plan where we get free minutes of call to everyone with the same plan everytime we reload our prepaid. Since I didn’t use them up last year cause I didn’t find a reason to. I ended up with about 1800 minutes of free talk time.

That was about a little more than a month ago.

Now I’m down to 300 free minutes left.

You can pretty much guess how isolated and lonely I am to call that many people…but it’s been helping a bit. Friends from Melbourne and Perth…even New Zealand although connected online, hearing them on the phone keeps my sanity in check a bit more than I could hope for. On some days like today, one of them would call and just give me some peace of mind and a voice to listen to even if they are talking about their own life and what may be bothering them.

It’s no substitute for personal comfort.

But I guess I can only take that I can have.

Even if it is just a human voice in the dark.

At least it’s human.

4 thoughts on “48 – Camera Fully Recharged…

  1. hey, i luv em too. sooo adorable and sooo cute. but can’t say i’m no. 1 fan lah.  

    Posted by sue

  2. Hahaha…don’t worry. The handphone has penguins as well. So it applies…in a way…:) 

    Posted by Edrei

  3. Which is better? Your free minutes or Skype?

    I remembered the 11 cents per meg thingy. But if you reload your credits it costs you too. 

    Posted by JxT2J

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