48 – Cube Root Squared…

Three Cubes Are Better Than One

Song of the 17th Hour:
Mandy Moore – Cry

Albert if you happen to read this post, that cube in the center is the very cube you’ve been looking for. That’s right. It’s an original Rubik’s cube…and I happen to have my hands on one of them. Don’t worry though man, I’m keeping my promise and I’m getting you one anyway. So just hold on to your pants and wait a little bit more. Someone’s going to be real happy to get his hands on these.

For the rest of you though who don’t get it.

These cubes help keep my sanity in check everyday…and I have Albert to thank for it.

For the same reason I constantly listen to music, fixing these cubes when I have nothing to do makes sure my mind doesn’t wander deeper into those dark thoughts of mine. There is something about it that keeps my mind focused on one thing and and keeps my surface thoughts free from all the things that hold me down. In a way they hold a key to understanding life itself. Think of it as a sort of training to maintain a poker face.

Which is good if I play poker.

Unfortunately I don’t play poker…but at least I’m prepared for it right?

So yeah, I’ve been playing with them almost everyday since I learnt to put them together from Albert. So much so that I think I have got it down properly this time. In fact just recently I managed to solve the cube in less than a minute in 4 successive tries. I finally broke the one minute time limits for me.

You have no idea how happy I was to get that done right considering thefact alot of people never solve it in their lives.

But all in all, I guess it was worth it.

For all that a cube has given me.

It’s worth it alright.

3 thoughts on “48 – Cube Root Squared…

  1. Ahh! I still end up messing up my end solution at least one before I solve it so I’m still around 2 mins. I have a problem with rights and lefts.
    Idle hands are the devils playground… does that make the Rubik’s cube a tool for fighting the devil?

  2. Kami, under one minute to solve a rubic cube is fabulous man.Good thing you keep the genius evil bottled up with tasks like these, huh?

    Quite seriously, my IQ is supposedly, several deviant figures above the norm and this rubic cube thing leaves me in the dust too often. Lack of focus perhaps…

    Anyway, so what deep dark secrets was your alter ego muttering about in the shadows?

    Have a great week, Kami. Anyone who can consistently do this sort of thing in under a minute can accomplish pretty well anything in life that they set their mind to.


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