48 – Disaster Looming…

Song of the Hour 9: Sarah Brightman – It’s A Beautiful Day

Just great, just when I thought everything was going smoothly. I find out that the camera’s batteries just died because I forgot to recharge it. So as it is I don’t have any more pictures for the time being because it’s on the charger and I don’t know how long it would take to charge.

Right…this is just great.

On the othet hand I know this is a good thing simply because I don’t have to waste my net credit uploading all the pictures to my blog. You see, the bad thing about my university despite the fast line and all is that for every megabyte uploaded and downloaded, I have to pay 11 cents. Which means I probably have to pay shitloads already and fast because I haven’t reloaded my credit for this month yet.

That’s where all my money goes really.

Food and net bills.

That pretty much shows where my priority lies.

A life of a geek is always interesting when you put it into perspective.

I guess I’ll have to to top it up later.

One thought on “48 – Disaster Looming…

  1. Net credit? I thought universities are supposed to provide free Internet connection šŸ˜

    11 cents per megs. about 40 cents per mp3?  

    Posted by JxT2J

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