48 – Final Post Final Hour

The Last Hour

Song of the Hour:
Dexter Freebish – Leaving Town

I did it. I actually pulled it off. I actually finished all 48 hours of my blogathon staying wide awake and documenting every hour of it. Even though most of you aren’t going to read this until my webhost comes online, what matters is that I actually finished posting it in sequence DESPITE the fact my webhost went kablooie.

Now I really know why they call it a blogathon. Like a real marathon, you hurt like mad midway through the run, you feel the pain nearing the finish, you swollow the stress of pushing yourself past the limits you think you have. But once you finish it, you make a goofy face and tell everyone you feel like you’re on top of the world.

This however is different to the first time I had a blogathon.

It’s just the fact that some of the posts will be read long after they are writting. In a proper blogathon, you read as you post it up. Those are the rules as far as I know. The rules I can’t seem to keep in check properly enough.

Then again…being up for 48 hours and blogging is different than traveling around for 24 hours straight and blogging. You have less to see and write about…but you have more to ponder on. The more you linger in one place, the more aware you are about yourself and your surroundings. You reflect everything in yourself like a mirror the longer you get used to the environment around you. It’s different than blogging on the run being from place to place expressing your surface thoughts on where you stand.

If anything, I’ve learnt more about myself in the past 48 hours than I would in 48 weeks. And I’m betting a lot of you who did keep track with my posts would have learnt more about me than you would in 48 years.

I did push myself to limits I previously didn’t know I have. I know now life is seriously out to stop me from reaching the top. I also know now that I do have someone out there who can pick me up when the chips are at the most down.

Isn’t that a good thing?

So yeah, I still have lots to write about so don’t worry, there are some concerns about other people’s take on blogathons that does worry me in fact. But in time those concerns will be revealed and besides, isn’t blogging all about substance over style?

If anything I know more about what I should do now than I did 48 hours ago. Think of it as self-discovery on speed. It can kill you…but you gain so much in the end.

So yeah…it’ll take me a while to put into effect that I need to do, but first thing first. I need some sleep.

This ends the 48 hour blogathon.

Thank you for reading.

Thank you for supporting me.

I’m sure I’ll try pull off something like this soon.

But not that soon.

Good night all.

3 thoughts on “48 – Final Post Final Hour

  1. Congratulations dude!

    Now go for 72 hours! >:)

    OK, OK, just kidding… get some sleep. 

    Posted by Sashi

  2. you have your blog set up great. i wish i was as good at it as you are. i ask a lot of questions on my blog. some people like that and other do not. i seem to get the same people commenting at my site over and over again. for some reason they like what i say. you have a good day and a better week. 

    Posted by mrhaney

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