48 – Food For Show…

Now I Know I'm Hungry

Song of the 21st Hour:
Jay Chou – Qing Tian

I love food. Food is good. Food is always good. I have always enjoyed cooking food. Considering the fact that I’ve been cooking food since I was 8 cause my paren’t were always out anyway. I have been coming up with ways to cook better food that so much so I have come to enjoy the simple pleasures of preparing what I’m putting into my mouth.

No pun intended to begin with.

I love CSI. CSI is always good. It doesn’t matter which spin off it is, I have always enjoyed CSI. Considering the fact that I am a science geek to boot and these things hit their mark. I’ve tried hard never to miss a show and when I do I’ll try to download it or ask my friends to get it for me. I’ve come to always make time to enjoy the simple pleasure of of watching science beat the crap out of crime.

So there is no surprise that I combine them both.

There you see my food that I just cooked. Above the food is the TV which is about to show CSI: Miami…and together…are two simple pleasures I like to kick back and relax in.

So if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got corpses to watch while I’m eating a dead chicken.

Now there is a pun worth intending.

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