48 – I Am Not Gay…

Look It's Supposed To Be Pink

Song of the 28th Hour:
Avril Lavigne – Fall To Pieces

Yes upon closer examination you’ll begin to to realise that it’s actually a bracelet. Then you’ll begin to realise that the bracelet is actually pink. So yeah…here I am a guy wearing a rose quarzt crystal which is pink in colour. Not exacty stating much for my masculinity right?

Then again it was always been called into question.

I mean…ever since I was in high school, some people thought i was gay. I don’t know how exacty that rumour started, maybe it’s because I never loved sports or I hung around girls more. But once it started, well…word gets around and you find yourself in a whole new world. Then again I know I’m not gay, and so do the people who have dated me.

I’m just a soft sentimental sensitive guy that’s all.

So yeah…there is a reason why I have a rose quarzt crystal on my wrist. For one, it’s supposed to calm you down…which I really need a lot these past few months. Second is that its suppose to help you find harmony in love. That…is pushing my scientific mind and throwing it all out the window.

But what have I got to lose right?

No harm trying.

Except that is does attract alot of attention from girls.

Who knows…it might be a good thing right?

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