48 – I Know I Am Crazy…

Song of the 42nd Hour: Leann Rimes – Life Goes On

There is only a certain amount of pictures I can dig around this place before it becomes completely redundant. So I’ll just stick to what I know…which is…umm…well…I mean…right.

Ok…when you’ve been awake for more than 42 hours, your mind kinda goes blank when you need it. Now you can pretty much imagine what it’s like when I’m doing my assignments which span an average of 48 hours without sleep. Pretty much, not much at all. So far I haven’t hallucinated much and strangely enough I haven’t been hearing voices in my head for the duration of this blogathon.

But it’s too soon to stand up and yell “I’m cured!!”

Maybe because I was slipping in and out of stress and depression while I’m blogging that it made a difference. I don’t know. I usually hear th voices very very loudly when I am depressed. That’s just the way things are…they kick you repeatedly when you’re feeling down and out. See this is why I don’t like to go to a shrink. I’d probably poked and prodded in my head and have me convinced I have childhood issues and want me to be accepted by society. Just one thing though.

I KNOW I have childhood issues.

I don’t have to have someone charge me 200 bucks an hour to tell me the same thing.

And society is too fucked up for me to accept it normally just like that. It’s a bunch of people running around under the delusion that they are in control of their life when all they do is continuously distract themselves from the truth which WOULD give them the control in their life in the first place.

Does it make sense?

I know it did to me.

So yeah….I know I’m screwy up in my head. At least I do something about it.

Can you say the same thing about yourself?

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