48 – I Need A New Webhost…

Song of the 43rd Hour: Jewel – Standing Still

Back to searching for a new webhost. Some how as coincidence would favour it, some people i know are also looking for a webhost and I have no decided to actively BUY a webhost. I’m just so sick and tired of having my own current webhost ruin my mood to blog because everytime when something good comes along, it goes down like the Titanic on it’s maiden voyage.

So right now the only problem I have is one I always have.


Nothing good comes for free. We all know that example right here on this blog. But the thing is, I don’t know how well I can support it. One year may seem long enough to get the money I need for the next year, but I need all the money I can get to support other things in my life…like my education for that matter.

Then there is the matter of getting a job.

I know I should.

Right now, I don’t know how everything is going to go so the only thing i do know is that I found a good webhost. Slightly expensive but good. If my friend decides to buy it, then by all means I’m going along with the plan to but it as well. Come to think of it, it will only cost me 50 bucks (aussie money) to maintain both my domain AND my webhost…my 2 gig webhost. Is it a good deal? Well it’s the best I’ve heard of so far.

50 bucks…thats 2 weeks worth of grocery shopping.

Seeing how I eat these days, I think I can handle it.

I’ll keep you guys updated about it soon enough.

I just need a little more thought on it thats all.

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