48 – I’m Halfway There…

The Midway Point

Song of the 24th Hour:
Bryan Adams – Here I Am

I did it. I have stayed awake for 24 hours straight and I’ve reached my halfway mark so far while blogging constantly by the hour. It’s got to be one crazy thing I’m doing right now, but that’s not without even crazier things people have done during the day. If you didn’t get that…let it pass because I don’t know how much more coherent I can be without loosing my sense entirely.

But that’s the challenge is it not?

As you can see I look worse for wear right about now. The bags under my eyes have amplified by…a lot. If you look closely at the picture, my eyes are actually bloodshot. But I blame the caffiene for that, not the lack of sleep…which by the way is causing me to yawn constantly. I mean…it’s only a matter of time before I start hallucinating the pillow calling out to me. Calling out for me to hug it…to rest my head for a bit. But after having sleepless nights before…

I’m not that easily convinced.

I know for a fact that sometime during the night, I would be visited by some weird hallucination like an Incan Monkey God or something like that. It always happens when I don’t sleep for more than 24 hours. Maybe this will be the perfect time for me to talk to him properly. Maybe this will a perfect time for any psychologists out there to see just how screwed over I am in the head.

In any case.

The first 24 hours is over.

Now it’s time for the real fun to start.

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