48 – Incoherent Ramblings…

Not A Fire Hazard

Song of the 30th Hour:
Onegai Sensei – Snow Angel

You know you’re a technogeek when you look down right beside your bed and find this sight on the floor. It’s not messy you tell yourself. No it certainly is not. It’s just that you haven’t had time to properly sort out all the wires in the place. Besides, it’s not a fire hazard like some people believe it to be. It just looks that way cause everything is bunched up together into a…ummm…a…well everything is bunched up together and that’s the point.

I don’t know what am I going to do with that pile anyway.

Maybe I can join them all together and make one huge external drive bay or something.

Yeah well…I guess when I’m in the mood.

Right now, I’m imagining a nice hammok under the shade with me and Sarah. Then my friend comes out dressed in that nice bikini that I teased her with the other day. Then she hands me a nice tall glass of Black Russian. What comes next is best left to the OTHER parts of my imagination.

Oh well…I definitely know I’m delirious and this proves it if I’m being more of a hot blooded guy than my usual self.

Still the blogathon must go on right?

No sense stopping now.

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