48 – Little Creature Under The Bed…

This Is Not Flood Control

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To anyone who steps into out house for the first time will be immedietly perplexed by the fact some of the doors in in some of our rooms are covered at the bottom. No…it’s not some kind of last resort protection against flash floods…and I seriously think that’s impossible in this arid region I live in. It’s actually supposed to keep our unwanted guest out of the rooms.

That’s right.

We got a mouse in the house.

And for most Malaysians who are used to seeing rats big enough to threaten cats and dogs. Mices are really small…and to tell you the truth, they are really cute. I mean I don’t like vermin pooping on bed as much as the next person, but it seriously is cute. They usually dart in and out of my room at night because i don’t seal the doors like some of my housemates and when they do stop to look around they do look oh-so-adorable.

I’m serious.

So far…I seem to have seen it the most….and so far its been nothing but cute around me. I don’t have it pooping on my bed and floor or eating my food like the rest of my housemates. I don’t even consider it a pest even. It’s just a friendly mouse that runs back and forth in and out of my room, under my bed and out through the heating system in the floor. Aside from the occassional scracthes and thumps in the middle of the night. It’s no more a nuisance than me having to get up and go to the toilet to pee (yes I am that lazy).

Maybe it’s just karma that I haven’t had it been a problem for me. Maybe I’m nice enough to it that’s why it doesn’t give me any problems. Whatever the case is, secretly I think it’s our house’s pet and mascot. I hope it doesn’t get caught in the mouse traps my friends are going to set up later.

Way to go mouse in the house.

I’ll be cheering for you.

3 thoughts on “48 – Little Creature Under The Bed…

  1. I thought the cover was to prevent sound from going out of the room. How stupid.

    In Malaysia mice are really huge. Some lurk in drains, some get roadkill 😛

    What you find running in and out of houses are probably cockroaches. 

    Posted by JxT2J

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