48 – Looked Up And Saw That Mess…

The Mess Of A Desk

Song of the Hour:
Puddle Of Mudd – Blurry

At first glance, looking at this picture doesn’t describe me at all as a pretty organised person. But then again that’s a misconception. It doesn’t decribe me as a NEAT person, but in truth I am pretty organised. I mean like anyone who works their butt off most of the time, like we actually have time to clear the place up.

Besides…I don’t study at my table anyway.

Doesn’t mean I can’t find things. I mean…I can find exactly what I want in the pitch black on a table like that. I’m a kinda guy that doesn’t rely on his sight for a lot of things. That’s organised for you. It’s only when SOME people (usually my neat freak of a mother) starts cleaning up my stuff without my knowledge that I can’t anything at all.

A place for everything indeed…and nothing in its place.

But then again I guess I do have to clean up my table. I mean…I know I left the curry powder undeneath the gun and I don’t think that’s a particularly smart thing to do. I also don’t think it’s a particularly smart thing to do to take a photo pf my desk…just in case my mother see’s it.

Yeah right…like she knows my blog exists anyway.

But we can’t be too careful can we?

2 thoughts on “48 – Looked Up And Saw That Mess…

  1. I have a messy table and a cleanliness freak of a mother too.

    All I have on my table are books, water bottles, files, and a heck lot of CDs. I guess that’s normal for a student like me. 

    Posted by JxT2J

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