48 – Moving My Butt…

Song of the 10th Hour: Billy Joel – We Didn’t Start The Fire

I think it’s about time I get up and have something to eat or at least brush my own teeth. In any case I really do need to get up because all this hunching over Sarah is making my back hurt and my neck stiff. That’s one thing I’ve learnt to avoid the last time I had a blogathon. Keep moving and keep busy despite the fact that you need to write almst everytime.

Keep it fast and keep it simple I say.

I just with that the camera would charge faster. At least then I would have something to show for.

I think I know why am I so figety.

I lost count of how much Hot Chocolate I have drank so far.

I also think I need to pee again.

Oh well…let’s kill two birds in one stone and get out of bed anyway.

One thought on “48 – Moving My Butt…

  1. I’ve read pamphlets teaching people how to exercise while sitting on a chair. It normally involves a little stretching on the arms, on the legs. Then maybe a little rotation of the neck. Heheh.

    Sad to say reading the pamphlet is the furthest I’ve gone to exercising on a chair. I would rather go out for a good run on a cloudy day. 

    Posted by JxT2J

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