48 – Not Going To Stop For Nothing…

Song of the 11th Hour: Foutains of Wayne – Stacy’s Mom

I was right. I had a feeling about it and I was right. Just when I thought nothing could go wrong any further. My webhost is acting all dodgy again. I can’t even access my site let alone publish my posts. This just screams my life all over it. When I want to do something extrodinary, life just works beyond my control and tries and push me down.

Well I won’t stand for it.

I don’t care if my webhost is on downtime or not.

I’m still going to keep writing. I’m still going to keep writing and I’m still going to keep posting. I said I will have a 48 hour blogathon and by God I will write for every hour for 48 hours whether or not people acknowledge it.

People have been asking me how I can do it. Well this is how I can do it. This…collective will of frustration and determination to prove that I am not someone that can be pushed around by anyone or anything…not even life. If anything keeps me pushing myself to the limits, it’s just the sole promise to myself that I will see it through to matter what.

It’s not another disappointment I want to write down in myself.

So yeah…listen up whoever is up and out there.

This is me, Edrei.

And nothing is going to stop my 48 blogathon.


One thought on “48 – Not Going To Stop For Nothing…

  1. You’re right. A man must keep his word. If you could really focus on doing something, then stopping you is virtually impossible.

    I’m talking crap again, am I. It’s an achievement really, to complete a blogathon like this. I think I can barely stay awake for 1 whole day, let alone two. 

    Posted by JxT2J

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