48 – Oh So Hungry…

Song of the 45th Hour:
98 Degrees – Invisible Man

So hungry…I just realised I didn’t have anything today save for milk, juice and water. Nothing else to eat at all. Then again I also realised that I ran out of meat in the freezer. I need to buy some more chicken. Hmmm…I don’t know what to have. Screw it, I’ll just toss all the veggies onto the chopping board and see what I can cook up.

I think I still have some instant noodles and baked beans somewhere.

It’ll come to mind as I’m making it. After all, no one said I lack ingenuity then it comes to cooking. As long as there are ingredients, I’ll always find a way to make something more or less edible…and on rare occassions something really good. When you can pride yourself for being one of those people in charge of cooking Christmas dinner for one big family of many, you know it’s not just because you follow the recipe books.

It’s no small boast when you started to do this when you were 17 anyway.

So…I’ll see what I can dig up and maybe I’ll take a picture of it if it doesn’t all go to hell. I guess I’ll have to pretend to take it easy knowing that my webhost won’t be back online tonight. I might as well find some thing to ease my troubled mind.

So let’s see what I can cook up this time.


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