48 – Oui Mon Capitan…

In Case I Die

Song of the 16th Hour:
Eminem – Lose Yourself

I’m a military raised kid. Which means even though I’m an only child, I was never pampered or spoilt on the level that a lot of only children had. I always had to work hard for everything I wanted in life and I got very little in return. I got my fair share of punishments, fair share of beatings…and sometimes worse. I remember even having to undergo room inspection by my own dad to see how clean my room is.

That’s right.

A military room inspection for a 8 year old kid in their own home.

For everything out of place, I had to do pushups. If there was dust on the window sill…I would have to have 10 pushups. If my clothes were not folded square in place…I had to do another 20 pushups…and so on. Somehow you’d expect that Imy arms would be pretty tough by now, but the truth is, I was always good in making sure i AVOIDED physical work. So yeah…after the first few weeks of inspection…it turns out my room was spotless to boot.

But I guess being surrounded by a military influence, it’s not surprising that it kinda rubbed off on me.

I studied wars of history. I loved the idea of a Spartan based society. I agree with the idea that conflicts help strengten ourselves in many ways. I have handled rifles before at a gun range and know how to set explosives. I understand warfare from its tactics to their commands. I guess I got too carried away and made myself those military dogtags…you know…

Just in case I die.

But I guess all in all, its surprising I didn’t up and join the military myself when I got older. I wanted to really…but then my father didn’t like the idea of me in the military after his experience with it. The whole corruption thing within the system. It’s a long story but that’s the gist of it. So I guess I’m just stuck to the whole art of war.

It helps me a lot at times when I need to be practical.

And these days…I need to be practical a lot.

Saves me the time to make sure I do my job.

Which needless to say is a good thing.

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