48 – Possible Homicide Due To Boredom…

Find The Dead Body

Song of the 23rd Hour:
Bowling For Soup – 1985

Still being in the Crime Scene Investigation mood…I was looking around the house trying to think of ways it could be used in a crime and I just realised one thing. This whole house is a great place to hide a body. I mean, the bed for instance is hollow underneath but you can’t see what’s under it. The store room of the house…you can actually place a body underneath the floorboards and no one would be any wiser because no one would give it a second glance.

The only problem of course would be the smell as the body starts to decay.

Now I don’t know about the decomposition rate in Australia, but I would say it’s dry enough that people won’t really notice it unless they know what they are looking for or unless the body is right under the bed. If it was in that storage room, no one would any wiser as well except for the people who live closest to it.

The best time to bury the body would be during the start of summer where there would be no one in the house and decomposition would be at its fastest then once winter comes and the semester starts, the smell wouldn’t be there and it’s a perfect cover up. ‘m sorry…it really is the geek in my to think of all this.

What can I say?

Death…is a hobby really.

Now that I’m done boring all of you to death I think it would be a perfect time to hide all your bodies. The problem is…

Were am I going to find a summer house big enough to fit in all my audience?

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