48 – Sanity Not In Check…

Song of the 35th Hour: DJ Sammy – Heaven (9-11 Tribute Version)

I seriously do not know what to do now. I am at a total loss about it. At this point I am physically and mentally drained. This is what I mean when I say when I start to win in life, it just raises the notch and just tries and take every ounce of energy from me. I’m trying so hard to push myself to the limit.

In fact I’m pushing myself beyond the limit.

The stress levels in my body must be skyrocketing like mad. So much so that I’m actually struggling to keep it together right about now. If there is a need to cling on to reality and sanity for something, this is about it right here, right now.

I want something so much.

Therefore life denies me its existance at my fingertips.

It doesn’t do it at the beginning, it just does it when I’m just about to win.

Takes it all away.

My life, my work, my efforts…my girl.

Takes it all away when you are just there.

And there is nothing I can do to stop it.

Nothing to do but try and not add another blade more to the scars I already have.

Nothing I can do at all.

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