48 – Santa Claws…

Best Not To Scratch An Itch

Song of the 20th Hour:
Our Lady Peace – Innocent

Here we go, I knew I was forgetting to put something up but now we finally have it. Here are the famous claws that some of you have wanted to know about and wondered why in the name of all that is holy and sacred did I keep these damn things in the first place? Well the answer is simple really.


No not the safe sex kinda protection, but the more “I’m-being-beaten-so-I-need-leverage” kinda protection. Though…it is true making love while having these babies on hurts like a bitch…especially to the other person…and I’m not really into that sort of thing…but that’s another story.

To really cut a long story short, this was before I had myself a proper swiss army knife and I was bullied a lot in school. I needed a reason for them not to lay a hand on me, so I grew claws. I hurt them back…thanks to a mild wound infection. I never really got beaten up again. I mean…seriously…nobody likes a wound where you can see yellow pus coming out of it.

So yeah…stay the hell away from the guy with claws.

Right now, I’m in no danger of being beaten up but I’ve never really cut the habit of cutting them away. They will either be on my left hand or my right hand and in this case, they are a good accompaniment when it comes to me playing the guitar but it’s much more of a hassle now than is was when I needed it.

I mean…have you tried putting on latex gloves with sharp nails?

If you pull a bit too hard and it goes right through leaving your fingertips exposed. It’s not the sort of thing you would like when you are handling things like the bacterial cultures of Gonorrhea or E.coli. Those are not the sort of things you want on your hands when you want to get out of the lab to do…other…things.

But yeah…I’ve been thinking of removing them but never really had any other reason to. I guess its going to be one of those bad habits that never go away. Which may not be a problem anyway. After all…

Who knows when I might need them again?

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  1. hahaha … of course the famous claws … 😀 lol … anyways haven’t talked to you in a while … ja

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