48 – Shower Scene With Picture

Refuge From The Outside

Song of the 44th Hour:
Wallflowers – Heroes

Yes…by now you all would have guessed that you’ve been had anyway. The title said shower scene with picture. It’s a scene of a shower. I never said that anyone was showering in it. It pays to be politically correct these days. It pays to be equally observant of people who are politically correct.

With the cold wind howling outside the window, this time I spent about 40 minutes in the shower…with the shower on. Like I said before, there is nothing like a hot shower on a cold day that washes away the weary you have on you. Usually I would just let it beat my back and head down. Though today…something is different.

As good as I feel after a shower.

I feel no less stressed.

There is still that dull throbbing pain in my chest and I can’t really determine why it is there in the first place. Maybe I would feel better once my webhost comes back online, but then it was there yesterday in the first place when I was blogging online so it really doesn’t make sense.

Well…at least I’m refreshed that’s what matters. I can’t do anything more than what I’m doing now. Short of a miracle that brings that server back online, this is already a pretty much spoilt blogathon.

Maybe that’s why I feel bad.

I can’t shake the feeling that I failed somehow. I don’t know…maybe you guys are right. I have been pushing myself hard lately. Hard enough that my body is paying the ultimate price just to maintain the steady state of sanity I can hold on to.

If this keeps up, I don’t think anything can stop that sickness eating me up from inside.

I’m just scared there is nothing that can stop it already.

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