48 – Somebody Stop That Bus…

Wish We Had One Of These Before

Song of the 31st Hour:
System of the Down – Chop Suey

If there is anything I really love about Australia that I will really miss. It will be the fact that public transportation here is next to very very reliable. I mean, you can almost set your watch to it on so many occassions you almost forget that once you head back home to Malaysia, you’re plagued by the fact that you may have to wait an hour and a half for a bus you want, then have two of the same bus coming down the lane together.

It’s stupid I tell you.

At least right here you can rest assured that if they come early…you’ll know that they will wait until the time they are supposed to leave before they actually leave.

That is public transportation here for you.

You can’t have it any other way but that.

Besides…the buses here are designed to a specification anyway. Low riding, air conditioned, low noise emitting. The complete opposite of a lot of the buses in KL…which when moving will attempt to shake away your spine before defening your ears and making you sweat your head off in the heat and smog of the city.

I just wish that they actually had that sort of thing back home.

Even if just for a little while.

But I guess even that is a little too much to ask.

One thought on “48 – Somebody Stop That Bus…

  1. Well..at least Uptownace (Subang “shuttle” bus) does have a timetable. Also it comes frequently enough no-one complaints 🙂

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