48 – Something Men Won’t Use…

Something I Won't Use

Song of the Hour:
The Corrs – Long Night

Ever since I came here and started to live in the dorms, there is just thing I have always noticed that I have never seen in Malaysia. That’s a sanitary pad disposal unit and it’s everywhere around the toilets. And if you women say it exists in Malaysia, I’m finally starting to figure out why I have never seen it before in Malaysia and I see it a lot over here.

The toilets and bathrooms here are unisex.

That probably sums up a hot blooded guy’s dream.

Not surprising too…the last time I felt so amused about a unisex bathroom was last year when I heard two people in the shower…together…one male and one female…and they certainly were having fun. And no I didn’t evesdrop, I have more dignity than that. I just went back out the way I came in and listened to them from the room instead. I mean my room just happened to be opposite the bathroom…I can’t help it if they were that loud. It was the holidays anyway.

But still…I don’t know if it is a good thing to have unisex toilets in dorms. I guess it’ll cut cost and all and everyone here is pretty open minded about it and responsible enough to respect your privacy when you want it anyway…even if sex is almost like a handshake to some people here.

That why back here in the house…even though there is one girl that lives with us, we all still maintain the sense of gross decency. I only come out wearing a towel to the shower when her room door is closed or I know she’s out. Saves me the embarressment of showing my fat assed half-naked body around.

Come to think of it, I think I need a shower right now.

Maybe I need to strip down to my fat assed naked body.

Gives me the creeps even thinking about it.

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