48 – Sort Off Back With A Mug…

Song of the 40th Hour:

For some reason I found out that the remote access to my server is now working, but the public is denied access to the server. Which means that at least they are fixing the server…which also means I can now upload pictures to the server and continue to blog until the public access comes on again.

Somehow after a few hours of downtime (in both server and me).

This is a relief alright.

One thing I like about my University is that at least I have something to remember it by. It might not be much, but I woud expect 10 years down the road before I would head off to my lab for work I would sit down and drink my hot chocolate from a mug that looks exactly like that picture…because that mug IS the same one as the picture.

Call it future nostalgia.

It’s kinda contradictory but it’s what I do anyway. I like to sit around and wonder about the possible future if I’m not too busy being so self pitiful. At least the future I see has a certain degree of optimism and sentimentality that reflects the person I am. That’s one thing I’m grateful for that at least I don’t have to worry about becoming one of those people that see no future in their lives.

I at least know what’s standing in my way to where I want to go.

Hell, at least I know where I’m going to begin with.

So yeah…let’s hope that mug will be there down the road as a memory of good things to come.

It’s a good mug anyway.

Let’s not waste good things.

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