48 – Strange Luck…

Song of the 47th Hour: Avril Lavigne – Slipped Away

One more hour, one more hour until I can just smell the victory. If anything I was this close to giving up a few hours before. But like all things in my life, while it may deny me entry into heaven, it denies me my ability to give up as well.

I’m trapped in this limbo between failure and success, unable to know where I stand but feel terribly frustrated at everything I do. But yet always when I’m at my lowest, there is always something that stops me from going past that line into that abyss where I came from. There is always something that stops me from turning into the very people I try to save.

Always something that has my back.

If barely.

But yeah…even if my will fails, even if I am at the line of breaking, there is always something there to give me a chance to remind of what I am supposed to be doing. So even if I am stuck in the failures of my own actions, I’m never supposed to stop, never supposed to give up because if luck would have it…it’s the right place at the right time for something to happen.


I hang by a fine thread of it.

But it never stops pulling my ass out of the pit.

As it would have…neither will I stop doing the same for other people as well.

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