48 – Temptation Begins…

Dreamworld Awaits

Song of the Hour 8:
F.I.R – Lydia

It’s been about 8 hours since I started my blogathon. 8 hours which means I have 40 hours left until I finish this. Surprisingly time passes by pretty fast come to think of it. Not surprisingly though is the fact the first few signs of my sleeplessness is starting to show.

None ever so clear than my migraines.

So right now my pillow is looking awfully tempting right about now. But hey…everything looks awfully tempting to sleep in once you stayed awake through the night. The only thing that passes through my mind right about now that has nothing to do with sleep is that how much my room looks like my ex’s room.

I’m serious.

Single bed against the wall that way with the window behind. Aside from the curtains, it really looks like her bedroom. Some days I half expect her to wake up beside me and that the past few months have been nothing but a nightmare. Then again I’m not so lucky. All I have is the memory of her and a room that resembles her room when you think about it.

Oh how the mind can really play you when you least expect it.

But it doesn’t stop me from missing her though.

Doesn’t stop me at all.

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