48 – Test For Asian Students…

Song of the 46th Hour:
The Corrs – Summer Sunshine

Well…there we have it. A dash of chilli powder here, some spices there, add in onions, beans, capsicum and tomatoes and excluding meat and you have vegetarian chilli con carne. I know I know…from here it really looks like a sloppy piece of…sloppy…thingie. But seriously like all the foods I cook, it actually tastes better than it looks.

Slap on instant mee goreng and you have a meal that can stuff you for hours on end.

It’s not that hard though. I mean it did take me 20 minutes to prepare and finish cooking everything. When you’re a university student, you’ll learn to put everything together fast and easy. Thing is though…I did notice that why is it the only students that do cook elegantly here are all the foriegn asian students? You can tell whether or not a house has asian students of not bu this simple technique.

1. Walk into the house before dinner time.
2. Take deep breath.

If you smell something really good, the house probably has asian students or people who learnt hos to cook from asian students. It’s not being stereotypical. It’s just being…well…pretty darn close to stereotypical. But I swear to God, when you’re over here in Australia, it’s a tried and tested theory.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to eat.

It’s just two more hours left until this is over.

I like to be ready.

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