48 – The End Of Light…

Sunset On The Patio

Song of the 19th Hour:
M2M – Everything You Do

12 hours till sunrise and 12 hours until sunset. The day is already fading away into the the calm twilight and I can never tire of this sight that I can see from the patio of my house. It is a good location though our house. Every evening we just see something like that all the time and any feeling of tension we may have just melts away on those few moments before the sun disappears into the horizon.

I’m beginning to understand why people here are laid back.

It’s the whole take time to enjoy life for what it is. The beauty of things no matter what they are. They maybe a sunset like the one I look at everyday. Or it maybe the bottom of a glass of beer as you chug it down during happy hour. Different things…same concept. Just as long as you stick to the grand rule which is to always learn to not give yourself a heart attack.

Which basically isn’t the rule I’m sticking to.

Nevertheless I try…I try all the time to give myself a reason to let all this pain I’m keeping inside flow away like the sunset into the horizon. Doesn’t help that my life is designed in such a way that I constantly fight to maintain some sense of sanity, but I never stop trying anyway.

I may not be as laid back as alot of people. I may not be able to smile as easily as some people. But at least I can say I’m as strong in will as a few people. Constantly pushing and molding myself into something I can consider worth living for. Then again if I die of a heart attack tomorrow, that would be a big fat waste of effort on my part.

Yeah well…what’s a person to do eh?

We live what we can and do what we can.

At least I can say I have my few moments in life where I can watch the sun set into the twilight.

That itself has its own peace of mind.

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