48 – The Knife Of Destiny…

Who Do You Want To Kill?

Song of the 18th Hour:
Michelle Branch – You Get Me

This is a geek’s ultimate weapon. No it’s not for blindly stabbing anyone that gets in your way though sometimes I’m severly tempted enough to use it for such a purpose. It’s just the multipurpose tool that no geek should without. I mean…we all watched Mcgyver right? We all have seen how he can succesfully disable a nuclear bomb with his own swiss army knife.

The first thing that went through my mind as a kid when I saw that was this.

I want a Swiss Army Knife.

Well…I’ve pretty much had one of those smaller ones, they did their job whenever I used to go around fixing people’s computers during high school. But I always wanted more. I mean how much stuff can you actually put into a Swiss Army Knife anyway? I’m pretty sure someone has already stuffed a USB thumbdrive in there somewhere. I know I’ve seen it somewhere before.

But as much as you can stuff things into a Swiss Army Knife.

Do we really need it?

Quick tip…you know you’re a hardcore geek when you actually say YES to that question. But seriously think about it…and how much can you trust an army which puts a corkscrew in their knives. I mean it’s pretty hard to imagine the swiss army maching song going like…

I don’t know but I’ve been told!! But Chardoney is best served cold!!

That is just so wrong for so many reasons.

But here is to something that has now been part of my everyday gear ever since I got it. May it have the chance one day to save the world by being able to disable a nuclear bomb.

Oh sweet Swiss Army Knife of mine.

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