48 – The Penguin Fetish…

Sigmund, Sasha and Zero

Song of the 15th Hour:
Avril Lavigne – Slipped Away

Pengiuns. If you haven’t already guessed it, I happen to love penguins. I happen to love everything there is about penguins. I think they are the most cutest little buggers on earth. I love the way they look with their black and white tux-on-coat. I love the way they waddle and shuffle together in a group. I love the way they fall down and just look so helpless at times. I love the way they represent Linux.

They are really cute.

Enough said about them.

If I had enough money, I would buy a great many penguin soft toys and just roll around with them without a care for the world. Unfortunately I spent a great deal of my money reinforcing my ex’s own penguin collection because we happen to share the same love for them…I didn’t expect to be torn away from her collection as well which pretty much dashes my hopes of rolling around in them.

But who knows what the future might hold.

So right now, I still have with me the penguins she gave from the first to the last. They are small…but they are meaninful nevertheless. They are on my mobile phones, on my desk and even in Sarah. They are everywhere in my life and how could they be not? That’s right.

They are really cute.

Though this coming from a guy has got to be scary…but who cares. Everyone has their eccentricities. My love for penguins happen to be part of mine. In fact…I’m trying to save emough money to head over to Phillip Island this winter to see the penguins over there. I really hope I can save enough money. Knowing myself, I’d probably starve to do just that.

In fact…maybe I’ll skip lunch today.

That sounds like a good idea.

2 thoughts on “48 – The Penguin Fetish…

  1. Oh my goodness, where did you buy the penguins from? I’ve been searching! One for myself, and another, for my uni’s Unix society.. 

    Posted by Jinny

  2. The penguins are cute. Which reminds me, my girlfriend’s birthday is near. Very near. I’m so screwed.

    I hope she likes soft toys. 

    Posted by JxT2J

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