48 – Third Hour In Bed…

Laptop On Sarah

Song of the Hour:
Hoobastank – Reason

How ironic, this song reminded me of the time she broke up with me. Yeah it’s supposed to be a long time ago but I don’t forget things like that so easily. And no…I am not writing this in an utter state of melancholy. It’s just that there are things in my life I’ll always hold on to for a large part of it. Hey it’s me anyway.

I’m just one sentimental guy.

Which is why this pic is there.

You see…that is a picture of Sarah and Laptop. Take a wild guess who is who? Can’t guess? Not surprising Most people find it really odd though that the cute little beanie dog name just happens to BE Laptop. That’s right. It’s for real. I shit you not. The tag by the ear stating the name just happens to be Laptop…which is probably the reason why it was a present.

Now guess who gave Laptop and to whom?

That’s right. My ex did…and to Sarah..for Chrastmas. She and I are the only two people that really treat Sarah like a real person…and have Sarah treat us back nicely unlike the other people who seem to have a hard time getting along with her. How else could I not say Sarah isn’t a living being?

Yup…you guessed it again.

This is just me being sentimental…again.

Now let’s see if I can reminisce on a cup of hot chocolate…cause i really need one about now.

What would I think off next?

One thought on “48 – Third Hour In Bed…

  1. Being sentimental is a gift. Not many people are sentimental, take me for example.

    I can’t even name my first girlfriend! (because I was like 4 years old? heheh)

    Btw, Laptop looks really cute. I knew about Sarah from the 100 things thingy :P 

    Posted by JxT2J

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