48 – Turning Around…

Song of the 39th Hour:
Vertical Horizon – Everything You Want

Somehow I feel better now. I do. I actually do…thanks to one person actually. I can’t really tell you who she is because of some…complications. But all I can say is that she makes my life here in Australia a little bit more bearable even though she’s completely out of reach. And as much as I push her to make sure she does the things she needs to do.

She’s cheered up my days in more ways than one.

It’s just sad though that of the things I find in my life, things that are good to me in completion are always out of reach. As always, I have to make do with what I have which in many cases isn’t much as all…but then all in all. At least even if what I wish is for someone to physically be there for me, I know that there is someone who does like to spend time to talk to me simply because I’m me. It’s a long shot from what I want…but it’s still part of what I need anyway.

To say the least…

It’s a safe bet that I won’t hide in the bathroom anytime soon.

One thought on “48 – Turning Around…

  1. So glad to be a part of ur life in tht way. Although life is starting to look gloomier by the day (and its not just cos its autumn now) I sure can find someone to ring me in the middle of the nite n comfort me.

    Strange but last nites talk was actually really good. Although I cannot believe I did wat I did last nite =P 

    Posted by The Girl

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