48 – Two Cultures Different Effect

Song of the 41st Hour:
The Pretenders – Human

Still can post pictures but I still can’t see shit on my blog so I’ll keep posting anyway.

I realised one thing in my life here in Australia. As laid back as they are as apathic as they are on alot of things. They are people that are consciously aware of their environment…and I don’t mean just natural environment.

I mean when you take Malaysians for instance, we have the tendency to make a big hoohah about a lot of things. Give something that pisses off people like sexual crimes or political scandals and you got people coming out from the woodwork having opinions on things that don’t directly concern them. Australians have this tendency too…but to a lesser degree. Not everyone has an immediete reaction towards it. Most I know would go “eeeyaeh” while they shrug their shoulders.

The difference comes in a long run.

In roughly 2 months most Malaysians won’t remember what just went on in the first place and nothing really changes. In Australia, chances are if it was a crime based event…you already have laws about to be passed on it…THEN people will start relaxing.

Two different worlds and two different effects.

People here take things seriously…but not enough to make a big deal out of it. They just expect you to be mature enough to be responsible about it when you’re faced with it.

That is something I really like.

You have a stand on things…but you’re not melodramatic about it.

I wish some people back home could be a little more that way.

It would make my job a little more easier in the long run.


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