48 – With And Against The Law…

Why Do They Think They Can Fool Us?

Song of the 22nd Hour:
Jewel – Hands

I love CSI. Did I mention I love CSI? Yeah I think I mention I love CSI. Well…it doesn’t matter anyway because tonight somehow, I’ve got even MORE CSI to watch. I know it’s old episodes but since I’m such a fan about it, I don’t mind at all…cause I seem to have forgotten these episodes anyway.

Hard to believe that my university library actually stocks these things.

I should go to the library more then, see what else I can dig out. Last I heard, the also got the complete collection of Band of Brothers. which of course is another one of my favourite shows. Lucky thing they are in DVD, otherwise I would have a problem watching it without a VCR anyway.

Come to think of it…I don’t have a DVD program in Sarah.

Hmmm…looks like I have to get one online.

Oh well…it’s nothing this grey hat can’t do.

Might as well get to it then.

I wonder if what I’m doing is a felony?


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