B2005: 15 Down 9 To Go

A Charming Sight
Given the past 15 hours, I’m pretty much surprised that I could actually make it this far with fewer than expected blog block as possible. I mean, come on…you’re blogging 48 posts for 24 hours…by yourself. Come on…any ‘thoner who can pull this off with as much pledges to boot should damn well be proud of themselves.

Come on…you all know who you are.

Give yourselves a hand.

Seriously though, to anyone who could pull this off by themselves I can say only one thing. There has got to be a lot of crap in our heads to keep on writing of this. I mean…wow. That is seriously a lot of nothing that’s also somtething at the same time.

How could you not be proud?

We’re doing something other than just crapping away on our blogs. We’re doing this for the causes we believe in. We’re believe in it so strongly, we’re willing to pull this off on our own through sheer willpower because to anyone who’s ever blogged for this long. You know it…

It’s an endurance run.

But it’s well worth it isn’t it?

To give something back.

To push what we love to the limit.

To make a difference.

It’s worth it don’t you think?

10 thoughts on “B2005: 15 Down 9 To Go

  1. So proud of you…:) You not proud of me meh? Damn…your unofficial monitor here is going cuckoo. No consumption of caffeine also so hyper active like a child overdose on sugar.

    First symptom – lots of typing error.

    I wonder whats my second. 😛

  2. (Don’t tell anybody. I have a secret weapon for this. I’m a few posts up, too. I’ll likely end with fifty-five or so. By myself. ;))

  3. aiyoz.. *hugs the unofficial monitor* *gives chocs* nah.. will feel better one. 🙂

  4. sigh…he’s the one who deemed me as unofficial monitor and then called me irritable. *sobs* next time I dowan do it for you anymore. I anggy adi…:(

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