B2005: A Way To The Real World

The Way Out Of Everything

I think I must have blogged about it so many times before. I do not have a social life. In fact, for the better part of my life, I didn’t have a foggiest clue about a social life. A lot to say for a guy who routinely spent a large part of his life being around girls and giving relationship and life advice to people.

Ok I do have a social life.

It’s just that it wasn’t one where most people usually went out and did anyway. I mean…I didn’t really have many friends and never really had a chance to do many things with friends. Most of the time, I always ended up catching movies by my own self anyway.

In the terms of other people I know.

It’s a sad life.

But I guess thats where what I’m doing comes in. This…all this. This net, this blog, this…well…the chats. That is the social world around me. That is the world that I have come to love and rely on, not because it doesn’t hurt me…it does. It is as real as any kind of life with its ups and downs.

But here…I find friends worth keeping.

I don’t know. People are so afraid of people not being who they are online. I just find that here online, people are most true to who they are online. Whether they are a liar, attention seeker, fixer, or all round good person. This net…is where we can be the most true to ourselves.

Of course…that doesn’t mean I forget the real world. After all…I do still study there. Which is why there is that door there right in front on me. That door is to remind me that I still have to tear my eyes away from the world where I can be someone to a world where I have to still make myself someone.

The net may be a world I occupy.

But that door leads me to a world where I have to live.

Either way, it’s still a world.

Either way, I still got to walk it.

6 thoughts on “B2005: A Way To The Real World

  1. Very profoundly put. 🙂 Nevertheless, you already admitted that you are social…so there…social butterfly you are be it online or out in the real world.

  2. I’ve got one word to say to all that.

    Nyeh. 😛

    Seriously…I may be sociable, but it doesn’t mean I get it good all the time. You know that too well. 🙂

  3. do agree…easiest place to know someone…

    sometimes i find online datin’ is way better than offline!! well…maybe due to the fact that my last 4 bf’s are online friends…?? mm…whatever it is…i still find them at the funniest points of life…


  4. I rather date in real life. But all my better friendships are kept strictly to the ones I know online. It pays more to begin here. 🙂

  5. Well, blogs make “hiding” a little more difficult.. cos it isn’t easy to write constantly and still not give away what kinda person you really are.

  6. I’ve found a lot of online friends worth keeping too. Some are espcially meaningful.

    hmm, I’m gonna check… I think my guardian angel is online.

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